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Travels 2009

Mr. Clucky and Wallflower packing up for the next adventure.

Getting ready to settle down for the long road trip to their New Hampshire farm.

Time to stretch the legs again! 1/2 way in Virginia!

Made it to New Hampshire...a quick stop at Delay's Market in Greenfield...almost home.

Happy to have made it to his New England home!

And in time to celebrate the big Labor Day weekend

Unpacking the truck so he can settle down for a little while.

Visiting friends at a New Hampshire rescue farm in New Ipswich, NH for injured animals.

Got a clean bill of health from our Dr. Chuck Divinie

Time for a cool drink at Harlow's Pub in Peterborough, NH.

And time to hang with new friends.

Time for a quick ride on the handlebars? Mr. Clucky's loves motorcycles and his biker friends!

Enjoying autumn at the farm.

Loves New England in summer and fall but...

...will be ready to get back to South Beach before it gets too cold.

Lincoln Road portrait by our friend, George Morissette

Norman Rockwell...Thanksgiving with the family

Mr Clucky and wallflower sledding...Snow and a sleigh ride for the Holidays. Missing the warmth of South Beach!

Happy New Year from Mr. Clucky and his pal Mark

An animated Mr. Clucky is featured in the The Beach Chronicles ( Read more about it here.

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